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New opening times from 22.6 / 15 -20

Most of you know we are on staff shortage for a while now and it getting harder to offer you the best service possible. For that reason we decided to shorten our daily opening times to 15 to 20 o’clock for now. Before that it will be only possible to come by with appointment made upfront. Its drastic, but as it helps us to keep our focus its the only way we can keep up with our standards and get back to you in time on all requests and needs.

If you are gravel and bikepacking enthusiast looking for a new challenge as full time mechanic, shop manager or in sales get in contact via mail. The official job offer will be released soon.


The Gentle Jaunt is Berlin’s bike shop for laid-back outdoor enthusiasts. We build, customise and repair your bike. We equip you with bags, apparel and gear for your adventures. We are a vivid community of laid-back outdoor enthusiasts.

Custom Cycles

Soma Double Cross: Andreas

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Soma Wolverine – Thorsten

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Soma Wolverine – Sebastian

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Soma Double Cross – Heiko

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Show room

Simon-Dach-Straße 20
10245 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 293 666 00

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 15-20
Wednesday: 15-20
Thursday: 15-20
Friday: 15 – 20
Saturday: 10:30-16
Sunday: closed

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The Gentle Jaunt Crew

When you’re passionate about something, you will put all your effort and dedication into making the best product. We are a passionate and friendly team of bike and outdoor enthusiasts. As native Berliners, we love escaping the city every once in a while – and provide you with the right gear to follow our example.