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Maybe freedom really is nothing left to lose. You had it once in childhood, when it was okay to climb a tree, to paint a crazy picture and wipe out on your bike, to get hurt. Going there, taking the laid-back experience. That is what we believe and stand for. That is what we want to enable you to do.

Free Your Mind



Alex is the founder and owner of The Gentle Jaunt. Having focussed on Single Speed and Fixed with his other shop Goldsprint Berlin, he kept his passion for building perfect bikes and took it to the next level.


Alex is the General Manager of The Gentle Jaunt – and the go-to person when it comes to getting your bike ready for an outing. When he doesn’t customise or repair your gear, he loves to travel the world or hit some waves on the shores of Portugal.


Nadine runs the Café at The Gentle Jaunt. Her love for combining the right coffee beans with an outdoor adventure has even converted avid tea drinker Alex to sit down for a Cappuccino every day.


Basti loves to travel the world – but when he’s not hanging in the Mekong Delta or exploring Bangkok, he is there to help you in our workshop.


Don’t tell Alex or Alex, but the secret boss of the shop is Spike – our Gentle Jaunt mascot.